Great Africa

From Gulu to Kitgum

Charley Fisher and I made our way from Gulu to Kitgum in northern Uganda where we had a wonderful night with Lyn Merber Jordaan, her husband Patrick and their friends at Fugly’s Camp Lodge. The 250kms ride north was dusty, requiring us to wear bandanas over our faces for the entire journey. Our self-drive’s muffler fell off and we had it fixed in Kitgum, we thought. Unfortunately within seeing distance of Wildplaces Africa Apoka Lodge here in Kidepo Valley National Park, it fell off again and was mangled. That resulted in us walking the last mile or so to the Apoka Lodge entrance gate.

Once we entered the grounds of Apoka we were afforded a spectacular base camp with fine food and amenities second to none. During our two game drives so far we have seen zebra, giraffe, buffalo, warthogs, elephants and lions.

The lodge mechanic has just informed me that the muffler will be re-attached to our RAV truck by the time we leave later this week. Now it’s time to sign off and head back out into the most beautiful park in Africa for yet another game drive and some sundowners on a hillside…