Journey America Part 3

Celebration Ranch

When we arrived at Celebration Ranch, I just felt happy to be alive. 

The horses had freaked out all day at the sonic booms, blasting off along with large airplanes landing at and taking off from Eielson Air Force Base. On top of that, right before we rode into the ranch, we crossed paths with a big moose cow and her calf. They were both drenched from the afternoon’s rain. 

“Easy now mama, I’m not here to hurt you or your kid,” I said softly from the saddle, praying for the cow not to get angry and charge. Moose can be extremely territorial. 

She didn’t charge, and just after 5pm we rode into the ranch. 

“Welcome to Celebration Ranch,” said Alan Morlan. 

We shook hands briefly before I went about controlling my nervous horses who had just seen the goats that live at the ranch for the first time. With wide nostrils and eyes, Smokey stood with his front legs stretched forward, looking like he was starring at a ghost. The goats didn’t care much about him. 

After we fed the boys Alan showed us the horses on the property.

“My wife started with only one, now I don’t even know how many horses we have,” he said laughing out loud. 

The next morning we met Alan’s wife and one of his grand daughters. 

“The doctors said this little girl would never walk, she was born with cerebral palsy,” Alan said holding his cute little grand daughters right hand as she slowly made her way towards the horses. 

As an incentive, they promised her a pony if she learned to balance herself up and walk. She learned and her grandparents kept their promise. 

“She just loves riding her pony,” Alan said while the little girl smiled big petting her best friend.

We accompanied Alan and his family to church that morning before riding out. It was a great opportunity to simply give thanks and ask for protection.