Journey America Part 3

About Journey America Part 3

Beginning in the summer of 2012, one man and a handful of extraordinary horses rode 15,000 grueling miles from Calgary, Canada to the southernmost tip of South America. OutWildTV is proud to have brought you Filipe Leite’s incredible odyssey from the beginning with Journey America Part 1 and Journey America Part 2.

But Journey America is not quite done. One small section of North America remains, and while this ride will be shorter than the first two—roughly 2,000 miles—it may turn out to be the hardest of all. On May 17, 2019, Filipe Masetti Leite will set out on the final stage of his memorable adventure. Journey America Part 3: Ride to Where it All Began will follow Filipe and his horses as they attempt to ride from Fairbanks, Alaska through some of the world’s most rugged and beautiful country to Calgary, Canada, the starting point and the ending point of Journey America.

Conditions will be difficult and the weather will often be harsh, so this long ride will take place over two years. As before, there will be regular journal entries and the opportunity to follow Filipe every step of the way, so please check back regularly.

Journey America is no longer the chronicle of one man chasing his dream. It has grown to become the story of how dreams empower everyone and how living our dreams can bring out the best in ourselves and those around us. We hope you’ve enjoyed sharing Filipe’s dream as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to you, and that you will follow Journey America to its conclusion at the Calgary Stampede on July 8, 2020.

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