Journey America Part 3

Palmer, Alaska

The morning after my talk in Palmer we enjoyed a hearty breakfast at Pete and Alys’ house.

“You kids must be so tired after that long drive,” Alys said while we ate fruit with pancakes.

Alys and Pete live off-the-grid in a cozy cabin outside of Palmer. It’s a beautiful property with several cabins and a large space for their 4 Icelandic horses. Their electricity comes from large solar panels and a generator. 

“This morning we will go to an event for the Matsu Backcountry Horseman that we are a part of,” Pete announced once we had finished our delicious breakfast.

When we arrived at the gorgeous ranch flanked by dramatic snow-capped mountains, I received a beautiful surprise. The Matsu Backcountry Horseman made a $500 donation to the Barretos Children’s Cancer Hospital, the Brazilian hospital I am raising funds for on this journey. 

“Wow, I will never be able to thank you for this,” I said to the president holding the check in my hand. 

Seconds later, I received another donation. 

“Yesterday I sold our manure for $150 and I would also like to donate this to the hospital,” Alys said before we shared a strong hug. 

What an amazing start to my fundraising initiative! I was extremely happy. After getting to know the members of this amazing backcountry chapter, we went out for a ride on a spacious and dry riverbed. With a stunning ridge to our left, we rode down the river enjoying the spectacular view. 

I rode a hot little Icelandic pinto by the name of Yokla, which means “she who walks fiercely over glaciers.” Clara rode a tall and kind Rocky Mountain horse named Junior. They looked good together.

“This is so beautiful, our first ride through Alaska,” Clara said from atop her horse while I held Yokla back who just wanted to run. 

It was a beautiful day that ended with delicious pizza and cold beer. 

Journey America Palmer Alaska