Journey America Part 3


In Tok we were hosted by a beautiful woman by the name of Betty.

“You guys can stay in my cabins while you’re here and please take as much hay as you need,” the short haired lady in her 70s said with a warm smile. 

Betty and her husband built this horse friendly B&B years back. It has large corrals, a barn and two cute wooden cabins. It was the perfect place to rest and get ready for our final push to the Yukon border. And the fact she wasn’t charging us anything was too nice!

“I don’t know how we will ever be able to thank you, please let us know if we can do any chores around the place,” Eric said. 

“Well, there actually is some things you two strong boys can help me with,” Betty announced behind shy eyes. 

Betty lost her husband just a couple of years back. She spoke about him with immense love in her heart and at the end, always shed some tears. It was evident she was still dealing with his loss. 

“We are here to help, whatever you need just let us know,” I announced. 

Betty showed us some trees she wanted cut, boards that needed new nails on the cabins and a few other small chores. Eric and I happily got to work. 

After we were done, Eric packed up his bike and we went to town for our final dinner together. The next morning he would take a bus to Anchorage where he had rented a van to explore the coast for 2 days before his flight back home. 

“It’s been so nice having you out here brother, thank you so much for coming out,” I said to Eric before we toasted. 

“It was amazing, thank you guys for having me,” he responded before we both took a long gulp of our beers.