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MSR Reactor Stove System

$169.95 – $199.95

The MSR Reactor Stove System is a compact, fast and efficient stove system.  This stove is designed for optimal performance in cold or windy conditions.

The MSR Reactor Stove System includes a Reactor Pot and Stove, a strainer lid, a PackTowl Pot Protector and a folding handle which locks.  When on the move, all of the components of this stove system can be stored within the pot.  The self contained design provides convenient storing and easy packing.

This stove is at the top of the pack in head to head comparisons with the competition.  It will boil .5 liter of water in just 1.5 minutes.  The special heat exchanger contributes to the stove’s efficiency by protecting it from the wind, allowing you to use less fuel while still achieving optimal heat.

The MSR Reactor Stove system comes in three different sizes: 1.0L, 1.7L, or 2.5L.


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